Una completa visión del mercado automotriz y los consumidores
Services for the Automotive industry

We help make better business decisions through innovative products oriented to this industry. We provide auto loan companies with comprehensive consumption, employment, and income reports, which are integrated with demographic information sources.

Our solutions, aimed at capturing new opportunities and mitigating risk, help you manage your business more profitably throughout the customer life cycle.

Our solutions focus on:


Deliver information about new opportunities and detailed information about the automotive market, consumers, and vehicles being purchased.


Increase the speed of business with information that helps make quicker, more profitable and compatible loan decisions.

Accounts administration

Maximize customer value with intelligence that identifies opportunities to create or expand relationships.


Prioritize opportunities for recovery.

Business Intelligence

Discover opportunities to expand your customer base and share your acquisition trends.

Soluciones Destacadas
Análisis estratégico del mercado automotriz
Target y Enrichment
Prospección y segmentación para campañas de marketing
Segmentación del mercado según un actualizado nivel socio-económico